International Licor Beirão | Portugal 2020

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Project Name

International Licor Beirão

Project Code


Main Goal

Prospeção e presença em mercados internacionais

Region of intervention

Centre of Portugal

Beneficiary entity


Project Status

J. Carranca with this investment project, aims:

  • Adapt our interests according to the interests of the client, in order to be coincident.
  • To guarantee, always, the maximum satisfaction of its client.
  • Maintain creativity and irreverence in our marketing campaigns, something that is already characteristic of us.
  • To create value and diversification in the business areas in which we operate, never neglecting or jeopardizing a balanced financial structure.

Date of Approval


Start date


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Total eligible cost

1.095.564,00 EUR

European Union financial support

FEDER 493.003,80 EUR