Beirão Inovação | Portugal 2020

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Project Name

Beirão Inovação

Project Code


Main Goal

Fundamental change in the overall production process of an existing establishment

Region of intervention

Centre of Portugal

Beneficiary entity


Project Status

J. Carranca with this investment project, aims:

  • Increase your export levels by 65%, as well as the number of countries where your product is present in at least three more post-project countries;
  • Increase production capacity by approximately 64%;
  • Implement the concept of energy efficiency in its facilities by 2017;
  • Increase product reliability thus reducing production waste by at least 20% over the next two years.

Date of Approval


Start date


Completion date


Total eligible cost

886.849,95 EUR

European Union financial support

FEDER 572.739,97 EUR