Terms and Conditions

    Club’s Purpose

  1. Beirão Club is for fans of Licor Beirão that are registered on or that use the website www.beirao.club. Any behavior that reveals that registered users are not fans of the Licor Beirão brand may be excluded from Beirão Club.

  2. Registration on Beirão Club and/or participation on its contests is not allowed to:

    1. individuals under the age of 18;
    2. individuals who are not of legal age for the consumption of alcoholic beverages in their country of residence.
  3. Employees of the companies promoting the contest will not be able to win prizes in any of the contests held within the club.

  4. Promoters

  5. Beirão Club is promoted by:

    1. J. Carranca Redondo, Lda., company with the legal person identification number 500647631, with its headquarters in Quinta do Meiral, 3200-295 Lousã. J. Barranca Redondo, Lda. is responsible for all the logistic associated with the contests, prize delivery and communication with the users;
    2. Dascat Software, Lda., a company with the number 510256716, located at Rua dos Combatentes da Grande Guerra, nº 14, 7º D, 3030 - 181 Coimbra. Dascat Software, Lda. (under the brand name 10.digital - www.10.digital) is responsible for creating and programming the club’s website and managing online entries in the various competitions.
  6. Contests

  7. Beirão Club members and/or users of this website may participate on the several contests available through the website www.beirao.club.

  8. Contests are occasional and happen without a previous warning, with the present Terms and Conditions applying to them.

  9. Without prejudice to the previous point, each contest is governed by specific regulations, published on the contest page.

  10. Prizes

  11. The prizes to be awarded are defined periodically and explained in the regulation of each contest.

  12. The prizes awarded in any contest are personal and non-transferable, being expressly prohibited its sale.

  13. J. Carranca Redondo, Lda. is not responsible for the impossibility of telephone or email contact with the winners due to incorrect data present in the entries or due to problems in the users’ electronic mailbox or telephone set.

  14. J. Carranca Redondo, Lda. is not responsible for losses, damages, robberies, delays, or any other circumstance attributable to third parties that may affect the delivery or withdrawal of the prizes.

  15. Beirão Club Points

  16. The Club Beirão points can be exchanged for certain products in the Marketplace inserted in the Club itself.

  17. The Club Beirão points can be achieved through participation in competitions in the Club, where they will be given as a reward for participation (10 points for participation) and as prizes for the same competitions.

  18. Beirão Club’ Marketplace

  19. The Marketplace Clube Beirão was created with the objective of enabling users to exchange Club Beirão Points for products and/or vouchers for the online store.

  20. The products currently available on Marketplace Beirão are:

    1. Party at Home - 40.000 Points
    2. Licor Beirão Bottle: 12.500 Points
    3. Jar with chocolates with Licor Beirão filling - 7.500 Points
    4. Drink to consume at events - 7.500 Points
    5. Licor Beirão Sunglasses - 5.000 Points
    6. 5€ Voucher for the Online Shop - 5.000 Points
  21. In order to exchange the points for a prize, the users of the Beirão Club will have to access the Marketplace, click on the desired product, confirm the exchange and submit the request.

  22. After submitting the exchange request, the necessary points will be debited and the user receives an email with the instructions to use the product. This will be the procedure for all products listed on the Marketplace of the Beirão Club with the exception of Beverage for consumption at events, which is credited directly to the Beirão Club. To enjoy the Drink, users should, after exchanging for the points, go to a bar of Beirão Liquor and present the QR code.

  23. In the exchange of products in kind (Bottle of Liquor Beirão, Our Jar with Chocolates with Licor Beirão filling and Sunglasses Licor Beirão) only the value will be offered and the user can support the costs of shipping.

  24. Data Protection

  25. J. Carranca Redondo, Lda. is not responsible for losses, damages, robberies, delays, or any other circumstance attributable to third parties that may affect the delivery or withdrawal of the prizes.

  26. The personal data collected may be communicated by J. Carranca Redondo to third parties. For more information on how to collect and process your personal data, please refer to our available Privacy Policy aqui.

  27. If you are a winner of a contest, you may be required to provide more personal data at the time of delivery of the prize. The additional personal data collected is only intended to enable the delivery of the prize and only members belonging to the organization of the contest will have access to it. The terms and conditions of data collection and processing in these situations will be specified and known to the participants in the scope of each competition.

  28. General Conditions

  29. The content of the website www.beirao.club, including, not this constituting a limitation, brands, designs, logos, text, images, audio and video materials, are property of J. Carranca Redondo, Lda. It is not allowed to show, reproduce, distribute, modify, transmit, or by any other mean use Material Owned by J. Carranca Redondo, Lda., for any public or commercial purpose, without the prior written and express consent of J. Carranca Redondo, Lda.

  30. Neither Facebook nor any other social networks sponsor or administrate or are in any way associated with Beirão Club. The user relation with these networks is guided by terms and conditions that can be found on their websites. You cannot invoke Facebook or any other social network’s terms and conditions on their legal relation to J. Carranca Redondo, Lda.

  31. All users whose participations verify one or several of the following conditions will be excluded of Beirão Club, without previous warning:

    1. Participation using false, inaccurate or incomplete registration data;
    2. Suspicion of repeated participation by the same individual in one or more promotional actions, with different registration data, excluding exception allowed by regulation;
    3. Manipulation, modification, elimination or deletion of data or software associated with promotional actions, in particular those that may have the effect of altering the results, favoring the user or causing detriment of other users;
    4. Any and all illegal and unlawful actions to gain competitive advantage in the course of any contest.
  32. J. Carranca Redondo, Lda. shall not be liable for any failure in the communications network that supports the application, or for any other reason, that causes any type of failure or delay in any operation that the user is performing on the www.beirao.club site, not being attributable any damages or losses that may occur.

  33. The cases omitted in these Terms and Conditions will be resolved by J. Carranca Redondo, Lda. And its decisions will not be appealed.

  34. J. Carranca Redondo, Lda. reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions, as well as to suspend any contest and the respective award of prizes, without prior notice and without the obligation to justify this fact, making the changes effective after their publication. Regular consultation of these Terms and Conditions is advised to identify any changes.

  35. Any doubts or complaints regarding the contest or the use of users’ personal data should be sent to info@beirao.club.

  36. By registering and/or using the website www.beirao.club the user agrees to Beirão Club’s Terms and Conditions explained in this document in its entirety.